For over 50 years Boer Berkel has been specialized in the supply and maintenance of power generators. Like no other Boer Berkel knows that a reliable electricity supply is essential for your business. We built, sell and maintain the generators to keep your business going. 100% guaranteed!

We deliver worldwide to many different types of businesses like:

  • greenhouse horticulture
  • poultry companies
  • farms
  • earthmoving companies
  • civil engineering companies

With our personal approach, our expertise and our team of experienced technicians we are the perfect partner for your all your generator needs.



Our extensive range of generators includes:

  • portable 230V powergenerators up to 6000Watss with Honda engines
  • stationay powergenerators up to 600 KVA with new or used diesel engines
  • custom generators with engines of your choice
  • tractordriven generators from 10 to 40 KVA
  • batterychargers for emergency powergenerators
  • silenced powergenerators in any capacity
  • trailers adapted for powergenerator transport



Our team of experiend technicians can help you 24/7 in case of emergencies.

Keep your powergenerator in mint  condition with one of our serviceprograms.

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